Our HR Policy follows the following things very carefully

Recruitment: In time of recruitment we firstly analyze the Job analysis and then circular our requirements to the national dailies. Sometime we also follow the internal source of recruitment policies.

Selection: Our selection policies are very modern and fair. In case of quick selection we emphasis on the practical experience and well academic back grounded people.

Training and development: After selection we make an orientation program and give them training. We also provide different types training facilities to the old employees for their continuous development.

Compensation: In our compensation policy we follow the labor law and provide our employees a standard benefit scheme. Sometimes we provide the loan facilities and life insurance policies to the employees.

Performance Appraisal: We always follow the standard of performed job of the employees. On the bases of their performance we appraise them and sometime we provide them financial benefits. We also make arrangement of the punishment in case of any unwanted or unfair activities of the employees

Quality Policy

A.S. International shall strive to provide total customer Satisfaction by complying with the agreed requirements and fulfilling the expectations of both internal and external customers. Through Teamwork and Team Effort each and every member of our organization is expected to demonstrate total commitment to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction by providing products and services of highest quality. A. S. International is committed to provide products and services for complete satisfaction of customers. We achieve this by adopting the following quality cultures.

** Supplying quality products as to customers satisfaction

** Committed to ‘Just in Time’ delivery and quality after sales support

** Dedicating our resources, ideas, talent and energies to help improve technology

** Adopting the quality management system as to ISO9001 certification.

Corporate Safety Policy

A. S. International most valuable resources is our people and importance our employee’s health and caring environment.

A. S. International commitment is to comply with all occupational health, safety and environmental laws and develop best feasible operating procedure. Everyone’s involvement is necessary for us to best serve our customers, our people and our environment.

A. S. International will continue its effort to make sure that each employee understand the safety policy and we will provide necessary training in safe, work practice and to provide the resources, equipment and support necessary to achieve its goal.